Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain - Linora Low
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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain

The Olympics is upon us and happening this very moment. The launch was amazing and it showed a great “history” lesson of England. The last time i went to England was years ago on a trip with my friend and her family. It’s one of my most memorable holidays, as enjoyed the wonderful sights of places like Lake District and finally got to experience a country with four seasons that has what i call a dreary nostalgic feeling.

Anyway enough about reminiscing, the reason i felt the memory coming to me was because in another week, a big party is happening yet again.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain.

I’ve been to 3 Johnnie Walker Black Circuits and all the parties have never failed to impress me in terms of the style, sophistication and flare. Reason for it in Penang is because it wants to coincide with the British theme they have. The award-winning World’s No.1 Scotch whisky and global partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ Formula 1™ team since 2005 will be celebrating their “home” race in Silverstone, Great Britain.  I think it quite timely too since the Olympics are on at the same time.


 I’ve also been told theThe JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge VIP will also welcome the presence of motorsports royalty with two-time Formula 1™ World Champion and JOHNNIE WALKER® Responsible Drinking Ambassador Mika Häkkinen.

Other than the sports star, talented singer-songwriter JJ Lin will be at the party too..

Can’t wait for the Party to begin.. just look at all the celebs that will be attending this party!

Now i just have to figure out what to wear… I’m sorry that’s the girl in me talking.

It’s going to be a very happening time at Soju Room, which is the “pit stop” for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Great Britain!

You can find out more at the  JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page at and come party with us there.


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