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My Pinterest Fitness Board

My Pinterest Fitness Board

I LOVE Pinterest! It’s exactly like getting a cork board and putting up all your favourite quotes, motivational lines and pictures. Except its on my computer screen! Loveeeeeeee

One new way of sharing content recently online is via pictures. I always believe that visuals are very powerful and Pinterest has started a whole new wave on how a normal website is suppose to look. Let me rephrase Pinterest becomes the first place for people to go to now – other than Google – simply because the sharing and benefits received are faster there. For me, pinterest is my new found friend on how to keep myself inspired by fitness and keeping to the healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be honest, the brain gets lazier and with simple visuals, it’s easier to absorb and remember. Which is why I love pictures there… For example

workout motivation pictures


workout exercises

Monday arm workout!!

 or even on food advices

or food tips

healthy hand food portions

Short Simple and Sweet

Reading is good, don’t get me wrong but sometimes i just want something fast to look at. Are you like me and you don’t have time to read super long and overly lengthy posts but you wanna get some fast tips. Then check out Pinterest or even my pinterest board. If it tickles your fancy do follow me and we can chat a bit there too. ^_^

I’ve got quite a number of boards but just pick whichever is most related to you . Hope whatever i share is of value to you and hey leave me a comment or share something with me too ^_^

Fitness Inspiration

Seeing girls at the fittest gives me the fire to want to burn burn burn at the gym. Fitness quotes help me out too. It’s like little reminders for me on what i should be doing.

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