Necktie Nails - Linora Low
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Necktie Nails

Necktie Nails

Every Thursday at the Red Fm office we wouldhave a theme for the day. This week it was neck tie day!

I was going for the “Avril Lavigne” tomboyish look, hence the strappy top and fitting pants. Of course i had to do up the nails as well. But here’s the thing, i couldn’t find any example of tie nailart out on google. So i had to imagine and create my own look. Which wasn’t too hard but i had to sketch the drawing first on paper.

If you’re wondering how it was done.. read on below.



  1. First paint your nails one to two coats of white nail polish.
  2. Then draw a black arch at the base of your cuticle, along with two diagonal lines at the sides. This will be your collar outline.
  3. Next draw a tiny red triangle in between your diagonal lines. This is the tie knot.
  4. Make two long lines from the tie knot all the way to the tips of your fingernail tips. It should look like a tall narrow pyramid.
  5. Colour your tall pyramid, there ya go your tie is now complete!
  6. OPTION: You can choose to leave it as is, or you can go on to draw a jacket outline of a vest. Which is what i’ve done. Draw two arches that will join at the centre
  7. Fill the two arches with black nail polish. That’s the V of a jacket.
  8. OPTION: You can choose to deco up the tie or leave it. I chose to spruce it up a bit more,by making it look like a Hogwarts school tie.
  9. Wa-La! Repeat on all the other fingers.
Do show my your neck tie designs! i would love to see them, you can also post the pictures to me vie or Have fun doing your nails!


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