Somersby Apple Cider Launch - Linora Low
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Somersby Apple Cider Launch

Somersby Apple Cider Launch

Last month I had the honor of hosting the Somersby Garden Party which also happens to be the first big introduction to KL-ites about the new cider drink from Carlsberg Malaysia, the Somersby Apple Cider. The event was held at the Pavilion between Weissbrau and La Bodega with an adorable barn looking set up. There was even a little green grass carpet.

 Somersby Garden Party DJ Goldfish

The theme of the night was yellow and green, so naturally i had to sport the colours hehe. I’m pretty with the outfit too! Whenever I emcee i’m never without my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which is the best size for hosting and it’s light enough. Here I am with DJ Goldfish, who really pumped up the night with a great flow of music


Somersby Apple Cider

Somersby Apple Cider –  and i’m not being bias when I say this – is officially my favourite cider drink to date. Why? The TASTE! Previous ciders i’ve tasted usually had a bit of beer after taste. The apple juice is made 100% from apples and you can barely taste the 4.5% percent alcohol in it. With Somersby it honestly feels as though i’m drinking an apple juice rather than an alcoholic beverage. And when the drink is chilled…. oooohhh mmyy goodness.. it’s bliss. I can imagine drinking this for any occasion.

Somersby Garden Party

Here we have York Spencer Marketing Director of Carlsberg, Lord Somersby Soren Ravn Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, and Lord Somersby his Victorian posse.


Somersby Garden Party

Random games were played for the night like the Apple Stacking Challenge, which i found pretty cool and you need skill to figure out how to balance an apple on top of another apple. Doesn’t help that apples come in all shapes and sizes hehe. My pal Shawn Lee Malaysia’s and Asia’s No. 1 Beatboxer gave the apples a go and he managed to stack them..without them falling! Yay!

 Somersby Garden Party

 Here’s some of the action of the night. We have Lord Somersby dancing the Somersby jig with the wonderful and energetic dancers of Sole to Soul. Look at the bird eye view of the crowd. It was crazy and I loved it. So much was going on that night.. despite me having the fever too, but the adrenaline just kept me going.

Next time when you’re at a bar with your mates or girlfriends. Have a taste of the Somersby Apple Cider. Trust me, you’ll like it! ^_^

Till the next event. Cheers!

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