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5 Active Alternatives If You Hate The Gym

5 Active Alternatives If You Hate The Gym

I’ll admit that even though the gym is nearly like a second home to me… sometimes I get real tired of going to the place. My body will reach a plateau  and it will say..”Man.. I’m BORED!”. When the mind says that, the body will soon follow and my muscles will reject the workouts. Cardio is one the biggest exercises that I dread. I call the threadmill the dreadmill. Sure it is the most effective form of cardio cause you really work the entire body, you can easily get bored of the threadmill. So it’s always good to switch it up, at least once a week.

Here we go. 5 fun alternatives to keep you active other than going to the gym.

Alternative #1 

Take a dance class. Dancers in my opinion have one of the best physiques in the world. They have such control over their bodies and it truly makes me miss the days when i used to dance. Sorry reminiscing… yeah, take a dance class like Hip Hop, Freestyle. Dance is a great aerobic conditioning exercise and a lot of fun. Best part when you learn new moves you can shake your booty at the clubs and burn calories while partying.

Calories Burnt: About 500 calories in an 1 hour 25 minutes.

Dancing with Rihanna in Body Jam 61!

Alternative #2

Rock Climbing / Wall Climbing. Break the monotomy of the threadmill or whatever cardio it is you do at the gym, by trying an hour of rock climbing. You build upper body strength and have fun pretending to be spiderman. At most wall climbing studios, they would provide different routes so you constantly challenge yourself.

Calories Burnt: 570 calories in 1 hour

Rock climbing... pool climbing!

Alternative #3

Pole Dancing. Pole dancing allows you to get in touch with your feminine side while sculpting an exceptionally lean body.  Achieve a lean, supple and graceful body while having a ton of fun! Not to mention that you could use this skills to impress your significant other…

Calories Burnt:

pole dancing


Alternative #4

House Chores. The simple act of doing housework  can really add up and can burn just as much calories as that of a workout at the gym. Try doing the following. You’ll get a sweaty active session and spick span clean house. Not a bad idea eh.

Calories Burnt:

  • 30 minutes of car washing = 143 calories.
  • 30 minutes Scrubbing the bath  = 200 calories.
  • 30 minutes of making beds = burns 130 calories
  • 30 minutes of climbing stairs = 285 calories

lazy girl fitness. Exercises to do around the house!


Alternative #5

Theme Workouts. This is pretty fun. You’ve heard of the drinking game on “How I Met Your Mother” whereby everytime Robin says ‘but umm’ on her news segment, people would have to drink. Same concept just that you do it with exercises. Found this on Pinterest, called the Harry Potter Workout. Watch the film, and everytime you hear the following from the film do the exercise stated in this picture. Try it out and tell me if you had fun!

Calories: Hard to estimate, but do this long enough you should burn a fair amount.


Make your workouts fun, and you will always enjoy a good time sweating and you look good in the process ^_^

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