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Drum Tao – Art of Drum Kuala Lumpur

Drum Tao – Art of Drum Kuala Lumpur

The recent Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to host a sneak preview of Drum Tao – Art of Drum in Kuala Lumpur, which was held at the center court of One Utama Shopping Complex. I shall be honest, the first time i heard of them was through my buddy Mike and thanks to him actually for giving me the chance to host the mini event.

Tao is a group of talented and highly skilled athletes who are passionate with the art of drumming. They mix the performance with music, acting, acrobatic and martial art moves.

Here we are at One Utama. The top shot was with all the guy members of Tao. Unfortunately i couldn’t get one with the girls, cause they had already gon back stage to change. The guy at the bottom right is Taro Harasaki, one of the drum members who studied in Canada, hence I assume he’s the only one that could speak English. He spoke very fluently too! …. I might also add, ladies he looks rather cute! No? ^_^

Here’s a bit of info bout the group

  1. They’ve been around since 1993 and have been touring the world since 2004
  2. They have about 23 artists, and 16 visited our Malaysian shores to perform.
  3. All the members live and traing together in the southern island of Japan, Fukuoka.
  4. Each morning they wake up at 5am for training, drum practice and muscle strengthening for both male and female. I asked Taro and he said they rehearse 8 hours everyday, this is not inclusive of muscle training. During their time in KL, i was told they were busy jogging around the KLCC park for their morning cardio… fwahhhh such discipline!!!
  5. 200 people apply each year to enter the group but only 5 make it through for trial and only 1 makes it through. Man that’s tough!

Below are some of the shots of what their performance would look like on stage.

I found this choreography beautiful..

 One of my favourite shots. The girl in the middle should be Arisa Nishi. She has a very very athletic and tone physique, with curves in all the right places, as you can see from her silhouette.

This is Takuya Era, who has the best and leanest body out of the entire group. His skills with the stick were sick!


I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two come on stage with their humorous  act. On the left (the guy with the super cute hair sticking out of his head) is Hirosu Yanaka and the guy with the yellow bow is Taro. I had a smile plastered on my face with guffaws as i watched them hop here and there on stage.

A group shot of the performance.

It was my first time watching such an astounding performance using drums.. and the occasional Japanese flute, lyre and some traditional Japanese guitar.. ok fine there were more than just drums.

The show was brought to Malaysia by Establish events. Here we managed to get  a shot with the event organiser and promoters of the show. Thanks to Mike for the shots and some of the concert photos at the top. If they visit KL again, i’ll be more than happy to go to their show! Do come back soon Tao!!

I highly recommend for you to check out their show when they are in your area. You can find out more about Tao here.

Website: http://www.drum-tao.com/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/DrumTao
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/Drum_tao

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