Happy Merdeka Day 2012 & 10 Reasons Malaysia is Awesome! - Linora Low
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Happy Merdeka Day 2012 & 10 Reasons Malaysia is Awesome!

Happy Merdeka Day 2012 & 10 Reasons Malaysia is Awesome!

2012 and this marks the 55th anniversary for Malaysia celebrating it’s independence. The build up to Merdeka has been a whirlwind, especially after the London Olympics. Watching our athletes do us proud over stirred something in me and made me even prouder to be a Malaysian. As i sit down to write this, it really came to my there are number of things to be proud of as a Malaysian. Let me try to list a few and maybe you can tell me your reason 🙂

  1. Malaysia is the one place where we have multiple public holidays!
  2. We have the world’s number 1 squash player Nicole David
  3. We are the home to beautiful rain forests that is more than 100 million years old. In Taman Negara we have the highest and the longest canopy walk in the world.
  4. We have the biggest flower in the world. The Rafflesia
  5. Malaysia’s the only place that has food 24/7 aka the mamak
  6. Malaysia’s the place known for the king of fruits the Durian.. ohh yum!!
  7. We are home to the first and tallest Twin Towers in the world.
  8. We have beautiful crystal clear island and one of the top diving sites (Sipadan) in the world.
  9. We have the biggest cave (World Heritage Sites) in the world that can accommodate few of Boeing 747.The Deer Cave is named after the deer which frequented the cave and which native hunters pursued.
  10. Malaysia is free from natural disasters (but we need to protect our earth so it stays that way!)
  11. We have The Sepang International Circuit where the Formula 1 race has graced our track!
  12. …. anymore?? 🙂

Part of my job as a radio announcer on RedFM is to write PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) and i just wanted to share mine here. If possible read on the rest of this entry with this music in the background. It’s a beautiful score inspired by Malaysia Truly Asia and composed by JonBrooksComposer.

 What is Merdeka to you?

For some it means freedom, Remembrance of a historical event,
It’s a public holiday, a public celebration for all,
Honestly i never gave much thought about it.
But this is what merdeka truly means to me.

It was hearing the cheers of  the crowd shouting lee chong wei it’s almost like as if he’s on home territory, at the Olympics. It was seeing the viral updates on facebook and twitter of Pandelela Rinong… It’s when our voice become one, even when we aren’t even there.

 It’s a time we all come together as one,and show our unity as a country. From all races, all cultures, all backgrounds and we come together for the sake of our country. The recent Olympic games really showed that Malaysians stand united even when we are far from our home.

This is Linora, Happy Merdeka everyone and always stay united. We are 1Malaysia.

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