[ADV] Carlsberg Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest 2012 - Linora Low
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[ADV] Carlsberg Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012

[ADV] Carlsberg Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012

What better way to usher in the month of October… Beer celebration season.  It’s the Oktoberfest, baby!

This is the second time, Carlsberg Malaysia is presenting “Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012”   to enable consumers to experience first-hand the authentic German beer drinking festival locally, which runs from September 26 to October 7, at 18 key market squares throughout the city cities in Peninsular, and for the first time extending to East Malaysia.

First stop for Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest is at Hakka Restaurant, with the initiation of the first “tapping” of beer, a practice traditionally done in the original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Munich. For now i want to show off the dress I wore to the event. You gotta always dress to impress at events 🙂


I’m absolutely in love with this dress, especially the back. Thanks to Rarablack for dolling me up for the night. In my hand is the limited edition Oktoberfest beer stein which people can attain if they join in the fun at the participating Oktoberfest outlets. I enjoy collecting big mugs!


Here’s the menu for the night.. yummers!! Cheat day came early for me..but hey you have to live and enjoy every once in a while.. Guests were feted to a specially prepared Oktoberfest cuisine with a Malaysian twist ie. sweet and sour pork knuckle.  There was free-flow of Carlsberg, Malaysia’s most preferred beer and 3 other authentic Bavarian brews; the Erdinger, Franziskaner and Lowenbrau. Eat and be merry, but of course a party is never complete with music and games  such as the stein race, barrel race and arm wrestling.

 Speaking of entertainment, check this out!

He’s got swag doesn’t he! 😛 There was an authentic Umpapa band from Germany which was the main entertainment for the evening. If you noticed this was also the same outift Soren and a bunch of other Carlsberg were wearing in the picture above during the tapping of the barrel. The pants are made of leather and i’m certain the men must’ve been sweating buckets! This is the traditional German costume, adorable outfit eh?  The Umpapa band performed a variety of German songs and even their version of Psy’s Gangnam Style (I still say this song is over played, even though it’s fun!)


Look at the crowd at Hakka Restaurant. The lovely looking girls dressed up in the traditional German dress dirndls are from the Ms Universe Malaysia 2013 Finalist. Awesome to see them having such a good time and letting loose.

We even had a performance by Asia’s number 1 human beatbox Shawn Lee and Carlsberg Malaysia’s very own rapper …. the MD Soren. He raps really well too! Watch out for the next post of Oktoberfest where I’ll share the video of him rapping! It’s real cool.

German Chef Jochern Kern did a demo cooking Oktoberfest platter named “Puten Geschnetzeltes Mit Spaetzle” and MD of Carlsberg Malaysia Soren Ravn and GM of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd took the stage to make sausages.

I didn’t get to try this game out but it looks interesting.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, his lovely wife, myself and buddy Raj Aria.

 We loved playing a fool with the limited edition beer stein mugs. Me, Yvonne Sim, Etsy and Naomi. Yes we were “sorta” placing the mug on her head hehhee. These are my lovely girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers. Go checkout their page!

A few more shots with old friends and new ones. I was trying to coax the guy Michael on the far top right box, to gimme his beer specs. It was an awesome time at the Carlsberg Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest. If you wish to find out more about when the next Oktoberfest with Carlsberg is going to happen, check out the following links.


Carlsberg Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMalaysia 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malaysiasownoktoberfest

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