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Manhattan Fish Market For You

Manhattan Fish Market For You

It’s been quite a while since I’ve popped by to Manhattan Fish Market. But i’m real glad that I did last week with buddy Alvin. The food will never fail to make me smile.. especially because it’s still within my healthy jurisdiction. Lol, I’m always on the hunt to find yummy and healthy food. Fish is one of the best things for a healthy diet and MFM will provide a well balanced meal, in my honest opinion.

Outlet Photo

Now here’s something, I’m giving the chance for you to try out and enjoy the wonderful food at MFM. But before i tell you how to get this free-meal, take a look at the yummilicious items below. Try not to drool šŸ˜›

Ā Manhattan Fish Market Citrus Mint Fresh and Cala

Here are the drinks we had. Both were just as refreshing and cooling, perfect for our hot weather. The green is called Crush Mint and the right is the Cala.

Manhattan Fish Market Fried Country Mushrooms

Here’s one of the starters which oohh were really good. Just minus the fact that they are fried, I’d order this in a heartbeat. This is called the Fried Country Mushroom.

Manhattan Fish Market Savoury Sea-Easta

One of the main meals. The Savoury Sea-Easta, it’s one of the three new items on the menu and it comes with a side of baguettes. I really like this dish, filled with all the goodness of the sea. Dip the baguette into the seafood gravy was delish!


oh something i totally love and the dish is so well balanced. You haven’t truly eaten at MFM until you’ve had their classicĀ MediterraneanĀ Baked Fish. It originally came with rice on the side but I requested for double portions of veggie. Awesomeness!!


Here’s a close up of the dish. Oh man, i’m hungry just looking at this!


Now finally this is something you must order when you are with your pals and you need something that’s super scrumptious. Ā TheĀ Giant Fried Platter
Crunchy to the last bite! A giant mix of fried fish nuggets, shrimps, calamari and Fried Country Mushrooms, served on a bed of Garlic Herb Rice and Chips with scrumptious brocolli and carrots.

Manhattan Fish Market Mud Pie

To end it all, you can have the Mud Pie Madness which personally i just enjoyed without the crust at the bottom. The brownie was sinful. Good for a cheat day.


Combo 3

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Ok now on to the good part! I want you to grab a FREE meal on Me!!

Follow these steps šŸ™‚

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  4. That’s it! I’ll pick a winner on Friday.Ā 

Ā All The Best!

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