I Love You Grandma - Linora Low
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I Love You Grandma

I Love You Grandma

This post is a bit outdated but it’s something I needed to write…Friday the 28th of September 2012 was a long, painful and sad day for me.

I was sleeping, then i heard my Mama come into the room. She closed the door and told me two words that left me in shock… “Grandma’s gone..”

The doctor had already told us to be prepared for the worse.for the past week her health was failing, she could barely take anything in.. and she took her final last breath in the comfort of her bed early in the morning about 6.12am, the 28th of September 2012.

Grandma, Emily Teh Sau Lan, had been staying with us since I was born and left us at the ripe old age of 91. Oddly enough as i write this, it is exactly a month.

Writing this post, is just my way of honoring the way she lived her life. She left us with a number of fond memories which I will always cherish.

So let me share with you about this wonderful person. Growing up, she really took care of us to the best of her abilities. Grandma would love telling us stories. During her younger years, she started working at the age of 16 to help her family, as a dentist’s nurse. She often boasted that she was the matron’s favourite, she was  said it with a proud smile and she would have the highest marks in her nursing exams. I remember when my milkteeth were becoming loose, i would run to her and say Grandma help me pull, which she would gladly do.

As a child, she loved cooking porridge for me and sometimes when i refused to eat, she would take me for a walk along our neighborhood to distract me and feed me at the same time. She made the best porridge, with perfect texture that wasn’t too watery or to thick.. I roughly remember the taste of her porridge with spinach and chicken. I remember being delightfully fattened up by rice which i would drown in her potato, carrot and onion soup. Another fond memory i have, was whenever Grandma would make this chinese dessert called “sikap” … actually it’s called “Snow Frog Jelly” aka Hashma. Back then I was told Hashma was frog’s vomit, well actually it’s the the dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs (now i know!). Oh that was my favourite dessert and I remember how she would patiently take the time to clean up the Hashma. She was a fabulous cook, another dish i have to mention is her potato gravy minced pork, I think this was how i developed such a strong love for potatoes. Grandma was the one who taught me never to waste food and encouraged me to finish up my food in my bowl… too bad i never had the chance to learn all of her dishes from her..

She always made sure none of us would be hungry.. even giving food from her own to plate to us. She had a gentle kind heart and always thought of others first before herself.  other thna being a fab cook, she really loved to eat. When we bring her out to buffets for Christmas time, she would enjoy herself tremendously

She loved talking and she was friendly to anyone. Doesn’t matter who the guest was in the house or whoever it was she met. She would gladly open up and share her life stories. You can’t help but entertain the lovely lady, albeit she repeated herself at times.

She was always very patient with us, I don’t recall a moment, when she ever got angry with her grand children.. her immediate children different story la. Like any other grandparent she would always ask us before we left the house, do you have money or not.. and then she’ll give us pocket money.. and say “Ssshhhh, you don’t tell anyone ah”. I regret the days, when I had to rush out of the house, and had to quickly leave her without saying a proper see you later but with an abrupt one. I took it for granted cause I knew she would be home later on.

 She always wanted to help around the house even though she could just relaxed… She’s impeccably neat, we remember she had to arrange everything in the house, even one small ornament was out of place she would have to move it to the right position.

She loved giving mini surpises…. especially Lincoln. He would be playing his computer games until midnight, and she would quietly and stealthily go up to Lincoln, just like a ninja and ask… do you want something to eat…  Lincoln in his shock would say no la Grandma I’m ok..she would say ok and go back to her room. 5 minutes later she’ll come back and ask the same question. Grandma was dear to me.. There was a dream I had of her years ago. Where her physical body was failing her and bit by bit I knew in my dream she was going to leave us to heaven, especially when i saw her teeth getting loose and it started falling out. I woke up and realised it was a dream.. I forgot about the dream and buried it in my memory banks. I didn’t consider that one day that dream would.. eventually come true.

….it just jogged a memory of mine… back to happier thoughts on grandma…

Here’s something that till today we all cannot comprehend about grandma. She was absolutely astounding in playing the game Tetris! You know that game with the bricks of different shapes and sizes and you have to make the bottom part disappear. Her score was at least a million over, averagely.

… honestly i can’t help but feel like I could’ve done more with her when she was on earth. Life is so fleeting and short. There’s really no time to feel sad, harbor negativity in us. I miss grandma a lot and sometimes i think she’ll be in the house when i come back. I suppose I took that for granted when she was around.. but I am glad in grandma’s last few days, I told her many times how much I love her..

Grandma, who’s now in heaven with our Father, has graced us with her presence for 91 years in her temporary home: here on earth. We will always remember her with fond and loving memories. She was and is loved greatly by all of us…. I’m sure grandma is a beautiful angel now and she’s smiling, knowing that we are thinking fondly her…

Grandma, I love you, I always will.. and I look forward to the day I’ll see you again in heaven..

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