5 Easy Way to Your Flat Tummy - Linora Low
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5 Easy Way to Your Flat Tummy

5 Easy Way to Your Flat Tummy

We all want that nice flat tummy. A flatter tummy is not just better aesthetically but it’s also better for your health overall. Why because large waistlines filled with belly fat are indicators of higher possibilities of diseases and other health complications. Here are a few of ways you can shape up your mid section.


1. Fill up your plate

When we say salad, we can sometimes think that’s really not going to fill us up or satisfy the tummy. But here’s what you can try – and what I do – to trick my mind and my tummy. Put loads of vegetables on your plate like lettuce, carrots, roman

Spinach, Arugula, Cranberry and Walnut Salad


2. Eat an Apple

The saying eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, can be used to say eat an apple a day and keep the weight away. Start your day by cutting up a green apple in the morning, you can eat it as is or with your oats.These fuits are full of good fiber called pectin which slows down the process of digestion. Hence you’ll feel for a longer period. This is great for even a midday snack!


3. Drink More Water

Pre-load yourself before a meal with water. The idea is to make yourself full with liquid, hence by the time you start to eat you won’t want to gorge yourself with the food in front of you. Drink about a cup or two just before eating. I personally think this is a real handy trick when you are at a buffet.



4. Get Up and Walk Around Your Office or Home

We are stuck behind a desk most of the time be it at home or at work. Get up for a bit, and just walk about for 5 minutes in a brisk manner. Do this every two hours and it will parlay into an extra 20min walk by the end of the day. Not a bad idea eh? This will make it less likely for you to reach for a snack out of anxiety or boredom.



5. Snack Right

Instead of reaching for a chocolate chip cookie or sweets. Curb your cravings by having a handful of nuts like walnuts or almonds. Better yet have a mixture of nuts. Great in fiber, antioxidants, rich in Omega 3 and they lower your cholesterol. They are also known to speed up the metabolism, so when you eat them, you are convincing your body to use up more energy and therefore burn more fat. Better for your waistline!!

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