Monster Isport Fuels Me - Linora Low
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Monster Isport Fuels Me

Monster Isport Fuels Me

Whenever I workout, music is a must for me. Some people may say they concentrate better in silence. But i need my music, it’s highly important for me because it entertains me when i’m doing long cardio sessions and motivates me when my mind is ready to just say “screw it all”. Other than being picky with my music, i’m also very picky with my what my ear piece is like. I need my ears to be submerged with sound and it has to be able to just stay in my ear despite all the sweat. Which is why i was so so happy when i first heard about the Monster iSport. 

It’s the ultimate earphone for a person who is a fitness enthusiast.. doesn’t matter if you enjoy working out indoors or outdoors. It is the ultimate in-ear headphone to satisfy you musical needs. Let me share why!!! I actually have two, one is the black but I want to say a big thank you to Monster for giving me a blue version as well!

Monster iSport

This is what you’ll see inside when you open up the box. The earphones that come with a mini pouch to take care of your earphones, and inside there are buds of different sizes.. You’ll see that in a sec. Keep scrolling..

oh my gosh look how sleek these babies are! The flat wire that looks like a fettucine is a tangle-free cord where you’ll also find the ControlTalk in-line control which simply hosts one button to allow users to control music playback while an integrated microphone means you can also answer calls on your phone. These babies can even go into water no problem…meaning you can swim with them. To clean is a joy, cause i don’t have to worry bout them getting damaged. I have yet to try this but apparently if you throw them into the washing machine by accident they can still survive post-wash. Now that’s awesome news, plus one of the big selling points of the Isport.

Monster iSport ear pieces

Ta dah take a look at all the different buds and the different hook sizes. The come in size XS, S, M and L. Doesn’t matter if you have a big big ear or a small one, one of these buds are bound to fit you in some way. I get real annoyed when an earphone doesn’t fit for my ear… sometimes it’s too big then it’ll be too painful. If it’s too small then it won’t stay and it’ll keep slipping.. yes there’s no pleasing me! 😛 The hook is enough to fit into the curve of the ear.

Monster iSport ear hooks and clip

Have an up close look at the hook and the isport even comes with a clip so you can even clip your wire to your clothes preventing it from moving all over the place, and without your arms suddenly getting entangled .

Monster iSport In Ear

So how’s the sound? Superb.. I’m not saying this in a bias way.. whenever i pop them into my ears, i get prepared to have a surround sound moment. That’s at least what i feel like la. I listen to songs with good bass like Skrillex and some awesome soundtracks like that of Battleship or the Resident Evil theme song.

My verdict, you don’t want to miss out using the Monster Isport, I will admit that the price is high at about RM800 at stores, but if you have the money for it. Just get this to satisfy your music needs when you workout at the gym. I can tell you when i first heard the Isport, i actually made a trip to get the headphones. I’m a bit compulsive like that. I’ve no regrets and i’m absolutely digging the in-ear music pieces. Isport for life!

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