Braided Low Bun Hairstyle - Linora Low
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Braided Low Bun Hairstyle

Braided Low Bun Hairstyle

I really enjoy playing with my long hair and especially braiding it. My hair has been dyed blonde at the tips and with one big streak at the front. Now is the perfect time to braid it, cause the highlights would look just amazing. So this is what i tried doing on Saturday night. Did a waterfall like side french braid on one side , had the rest of the hair twisted into a bun and just wrapped the tail of the braid around the bun.

Photo: Love my braided bun. Feels so hippy. teehee. Now I just need little daisies.

Ta Da!This is the final look. Great if you want a hippie hairdo, perfect for a simple bridesmaid or for prom. To give it an even sweeter look you can use a cute headband or a cute pin. Have fun.

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