Streetdeal Insiders Launch - Linora Low
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Streetdeal Insiders Launch

Streetdeal Insiders Launch

Lemme explain a bit more about what this is all about. Two years ago was the first time I started surfing around at deal sites… I love the concept! A girl loves to shop and it’s always good to see discounts on items that you would like to purchase. The cool thing about deal sites – other than the seeing discounts from 20-80% off – they separate everything into categories. Ranging from stuff like  home and kitchen wear to travels and even workout stuff.

One of the sites I’ve come to enjoy shopping on is and now I shall be honest, i’m even more biased towards this site because I’m now apart of it…I am an Insider!! The Insiders launch was on 23 Jan 2013 and I had the pleasure of being among the public figures to be apart of this interesting campaign.

 streetdeal Insiders

Here are all the Streetdeal Insiders together with Streetdeal Singapore founders Gregory Costamagna and Olivier Michel, Aaron Sarma –  Country Manager for Streetdeal Malaysia . (L-R) Amber Chia, Serena C, Me, Daphne Iking, Atilia, Sazzy Falak, Dynas Mokhtar and Dj Fuzz.

Streetdeal Insiders

Another shot of all of us on stage for the media.


Apparently not everyone got the message to wear orange.. But this crew did.. ok la Serena C’s jacket is a lighter shade of orange.


Me and DJ Fuzz taking a moment to pose with my Ab Rocket. I’m not a fan of smoking but his vaping cap in a shape of a skull is very cool.

 Amber and Atilia..posing or fighting for the mirror wadrobe

During the launch Amber and Atilia were fighting to take back this cool product from It’s actually one of Julie Woon’s products another sister insider.

Daphne using my aB roCKET

Daphne came by to my station and tried out my product the Ab Rocket. It’s meant to work your abs and here she is posing with it, lol! Keep browsing below and you’ll see the product on my store.

After the launch we proceeded to take some silly shots outside. Can you tell that Atilia is sitting on my Ab Rocket? Thanks to Daphne for the picture.

Check it out, I literally have my own online store.  The products in the store will be stuff that I use and have found worthy enough for you to check out and tryout at home. Here’s the link to my store


Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.31.17 PM

I just love my cute signature on it. Can you spot the mini dumbbells? ^_^

Linora's Streetdeal Products

This is the product that i was talking about. The Ab Rocket Twister.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.13.19 AM

I tried out the Ab Rocket and it’s really cool, cause now I have a new way to work on my obliques and core without the aching part of the back. One problem I had with doing abs at home was that the my butt bone always ended up aching cause I didn’t have the right cushioning. I’ll explain how it works in another post. Watch out for that.

Meantime do visit my store and if you have bought items from there.. Thank you!  If you’re not too sure on what products to buy or need better clarification just beep me here. I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Till then happy streetdeal-ing.



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