Kenny Rogers Roasters Fortune Chicken - Linora Low
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Kenny Rogers Roasters Fortune Chicken

Kenny Rogers Roasters Fortune Chicken

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited by the Kenny Rogers Roasters team to try out their Chinese New Year platter. Always been a fan of Kenny Rogers Roasters cause I really enjoy the food and the way the food has been cooked. All of the food has been cooked in my favourite ways : roasted, steamed and all fresh.


Here I am taking a quick shot before digging in to my fish. Which was the Quarter Chicken (I actually wanted the breast part but forgot to tell the waiter) with 3 sidelines. No dressing, but for the sake of the picture, i placed it on top.


Tell me how is this not a wonderful display of gorgeous colour. Love my plate to be filled with rich colour like this, showing of the crisp green of the salad and the freshness of the fruits. Just look at the succulent chicken dribbling with the healthy juices from the roasting method of KRR. The key to the chicken tasting extra awesome you have to dip it into the orange Fortune sauce.


Behind my plate of chicken, we have these. It was only last year KRR decided to introduce more flavours for the muffins. You can even by a box set of these for festive celebrations like Christmas or New Years. A nice dessert choice if you happen to be having a pot luck ^_^ Lets see if i can remember the flavours.. (L-R going up) Banana, Vanilla, Pandan, Mocha, Chocolate and Orange!


Here we are taking a quick shot before digging in! Thanks again Kenny Rogers for the chillback time and yummy food.

More details about the menu here!

Golden Fortune Chicken, scrumptious spicy sweet & sourflavoured rotisserie-roasted 1/4 chicken with 3 side dishes & a Zesty Orange Muffin at RM18.50*.

Try our new beverages:
Passion T – Iced Passion tea with pearls and jelly at RM8.50*.
Jelly O’Berry – A refreshing orange flavoured fizzy drink with yummy jelly bites at RM8.50*. 

Period: 14 January 2013 till further notice.

Availability: All KRR restaurants.

Product shown is for illustration purposes only.
*Subject to current Government Tax and 10% Service Charge where applicable.

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