Chinese New Year Greetings 2013 - Linora Low
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Chinese New Year Greetings 2013

Chinese New Year Greetings 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai my dears! Here’s wishing you all a wonderful year of the snake! One of my resolutions last year was to create more videos… let’s just say i’m bringing that resolution into this year too 😛

Managed to get some shots done before CNY and here they are! All thanks to my buddy Michael Yip for helping me out. Go visit his page and see some of his other shots!


I personally love this shot. Here’s some behind the scenes trivia.. I had a fun time redoing this shot again and again. Because my darling brother just couldn’t express his pain!!!! He looks like he’s sleeping >.< So of course we had to do it again. Only picture yeah so please do note I do not support violence for the CNY.. I do support you collecting lots of ang paos during visitations ^_~

Chinese New Year time means, heavy traffic on the roads too, hence please be careful yeah. May the year of the Snake bring you and the people close to you : Health, wealth, prosperity and lots of fun in life. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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