Chinese New Year Health Infographics - Linora Low
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Chinese New Year Health Infographics

Chinese New Year Health Infographics

Chinese New Year is coming to an end and during the season I created these two infographics. I was actually inspired by another website called Her World from Singapore. Chinese New Year like any other festive season means it’s a time to eat eat eat. In the land of KL, it’s unheard of if you don’t munch a bit. Having said that I think it’s really important to know what goes into your body.

Some who have commented on this infographic on my facebook page mentioned that one shouldn’t think or count and just eat. While i do agree to an extent cause I don’t believe in obsessing in calorie counting, I do think it’s good to know what goes into your body. If you feel guilty, I like to believe it’s you actually caring and giving a thought about your body.

Now that we know the calories for it.. what are the ways to burn of all the snacking goodies? Take a look at the chart below. This is just a rough guide as to what kind of activities you can do to help melt away some of the calories. These just burn doesn’t mean you will lose weight. You will only lose weight and size IF you take care of your DIET and have consistent days of working out.

I won’t go through all but I’ll at least touch on one of the activities. I’ve always found that circuit training of an interval cardio session would be good enough to get your heart revving and thus getting the calories burning.

I got the info about the calories from this e booklet that the Ministry of Health provided. Take a look at the full one here 🙂

Healthy Eating the Key To Prosperity! 

Healthy Eating The Key To Prosperity

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