Wear A Race Shirt For Boston - Linora Low
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Wear A Race Shirt For Boston

Wear A Race Shirt For Boston

Today my facebook and twitter was filled woth the sudden news of a marathon that had gone terribly wrong.

“Two bombings in Boston on Monday, near the finish line at the 4:09 mark of the race, killed three people and injured more than 140. The marathon, which was running its 117th edition in 2013, is one world’s major marathons and an entry is coveted by runners in part because of its tough qualification system.” – Huffington Post.


It’s truly terrible…that something like this could happen even at united sporting event like this.. I really dont know what’s happening in the world.. but please do send your prayers to the families who have lost their loved ones. In honour of those at the Boston Marathon..tomorrow where a race shirt. Doesn’t matter what colour or type…

Runners unite!

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