Are Ye Ready For S4!? - Linora Low
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Are Ye Ready For S4!?

Are Ye Ready For S4!?

I’ve always been a bit of geek with gadgets. I love playing with gadgets that just get me. One gadget which I have come to realise i can never live without.. sad to my phone. my S3 to be exact. Don’t judge me.. I know i’m not the only one out there who has a love hate clingy relationship with my smartphone. Anyways it’s never left my hand and the other day while pottering about at the curve guess what I saw..

A mini orchestra in front of the fountain. Violins and big double bass, along with singers dressed up with interesting T-Shirt…

The Group Entertaining the Crowd

Kinda reminded me of my days when I went about performing at malls too.. Sorry reminiscing for a moment. Back to the group, take a close look at their shirts you’ll notice there is a hidden message there. Listen closely to their words.. they are singing about something that a lot of my friends who are gadget fanatics are waiting for in anticipation. They were singing about the S4. So cool!  Here’s a video of what they did.

Cool right. Coming from a once brand planning position lonnnnnngg time ago, I’m always fascinated by interesting campaigns. Especially those that have a “guerilla” element to it. Cause it catches you by surprise.


Managed to snap a shot with the Samsung Acapella Singers

And guess what I saw this today on Samsung Mobile Malaysia FB page. Thanks a lot for the photo guys, love the pic!

Together with Samsung Acapella Group, Ashley, Jessica and Samuel.

Put your “4’s” up yo, cause the S4 is coming to town. I can’t wait!!! Find out more details here Samsung Malaysia

Yes i’m ready bring out the S4 already! 🙂 

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