Dining at a "Private Kitchen" in Uptown - Linora Low
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Dining at a “Private Kitchen” in Uptown

Dining at a “Private Kitchen” in Uptown

I’ve been craving chinese food of late, so it was perfect timing to make a visit to Private Kitchen. A cosy Chinese restaurant that is owned by buddy celebrity electric violinist and songwriter Dennis Lau. I wasn’t alone for the yummy good time, Mynn was with me too! It’s not easy for us girls wanting to watch our diet while knowing that there are warm dishes waiting to embrace our tummies… sorry .. too dramatic.

Private Kitchen at Damansara Uptown

We didn’t really take a look at the menu since Dennis had it all figured out for us. Hey he would know what dishes best to feed us.  He was a wonderful host too, keeping us laughing with funny stories and he was such a gentlemen, prepping our bowls with the delish food. Ooh yes that is coming next.

The friendly talented Dennis Lau.

After one more photo, lol. Stole this photo from my girlfriend’s site and honestly I have no idea what I was talking about..

Chat eat chat eat chat eat

Alright now on to the food fiesta…

Pumpkin chicken soup, fried tofu with salt & pepper and lap cheong fried rice.

XO pork neck meat, Fish with Brinjal, Sand ginger chicken and kiwi wasabi beef


We thoroughly enjoyed the food and personal favourite aside from the meaty dishes – which by the way were very tender and juicy and broke off easily with a little bit – was the dessert dish! I honestly thought i was too full to take another bite but then Dennis brought our jelly together with goji seeds! Gahhh I love jelly! Yummmerrrs. Take a look at how shiny it is.. can you imagine the texture of it just sliding through your fork… 😛

Osmanthus cake

We then proceeded upstairs to have a mini tour and to sign “the wall”, where a number of our mutual friends had left their mark as well as other fans of the restaurant.

The Wall of Signatures at Private Kitchen


Here’s another look of the upstairs.

Private kitchen has two floors. Here’s what the interior of the section upstairs looks like.

Then finally we left our mark. You can’t see it, but we both had to stand on the coach beneath us, specially me cause I’m so short. The boy just had.. had to take a shot of my bum while I was standing up to sign my spot.

Signing the wall of Private Kitchen

Tummy full and our names on a full wall. Thanks a lot for the great time and delicious food, Dennis!

Happy Smiles!

Drop by and treat yourselves to a delicious Chinese meal too. I’m thinking next time I’m going to bring my parents over, for a special occasion. Here are the details if you wanna try the “kitchen” too. 🙂
Private Kitchen @ Uptown Damansara
103, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama (Uptown),
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel : +603-77288399, +6016-2728238
Facebook: www.facebook.com/privatekitchenmalaysia
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