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Dental Checkup at BP Healthcare

Dental Checkup at BP Healthcare

I need to admit something.. I haven’t visited the dentist for a good 3-4 years.. easily. Maybe more.. i don’t remember. Shame on me. So when I was given the chance to check out the Dental service at BP Healthcare, I said why not. I’m way overdue for a checkup and this would be the perfect opportunity.

BP Dental was set up with the hopes of making the public more aware about dental hygiene. Most of the time I’d think most of us won’t even consider going to a dentist unless we have major teeth pain, cavities and what not. Prevention is better than cure and it’s advice we should have our teeth checked every 6 months or at least once in a year.¬†People can just walk into the BP Healthcare centers and get their teeth checked. Best part checkups are FREE!!

The waiting area

They do have other services like the following, which there will be a charge but it’s not a lot ūüôā


  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Tooth-coloured Fillings
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Tooth Extractions/Minor oral surgery
  • Dentures

Currently dental service is available at BP Healthcare at 3 outlets which I’ll in more detail at the bottom of this post. I went to the one in Glenmarie which wasn’t hard to find, especially with Waze. Upon arrival I thought I’d have difficulty parking and parked a few meters away. Then the security guard – who was super helpful and friendly – told me that i could’ve just parked inside the area. needless to say I went back out, reparked me car within the¬†vicinity¬†and .. guess what.. I had prime parking! Right smack in front of the door. Score! Tick for points!

Right in front of the entrance. Woot!

Went in and was first brought in by the receptionist/admin who were sweet and friendly. I felt very welcomed at BP healthcare. Tick for points!

Sitting pretty at the waiting area

Without wasting time they brought me straight to see the dentist, Dr Nazli. Speaking first with the dentist was real comforting because when I was younger I’ve always had this paranoia with the dentist. i don’t have that as bad anymore now that I’m a grown up but the thing that will get to me.. is the thought of how sensitive my teeth would be the minute the dentist starts scaling my teeth. Especially my bottom front, cause part of the gum has¬†receded, which i presume is due to me wearing braces years ago. Point is the dentist made me feel very comfortable and at ease before making me sit in the chair. He brokedown what was his specialty and what procedure he would be doing. Mine was a general checkup that included scaling and cleaning. The dentist didn’t just check my teeth, he even took picture of it with a micro camera. Facing the dentist chair is a tv screen which allows you to see your horrendous looking dirty teeth (at the beginning of the session la). Dr ¬†Nazli showed me my problem areas which was the plaque build up which according to him wasn’t too bad… i was appalled by my teeth hygiene though. Completely my fault for not taking care.


Doc then began with the cleaning, scaling and polishing process. I was gripping the chair – which by the way was very comfy – cause I was just waiting for the moment the dental tool touched my sensitive bottom front tooth. To my surprise it wasn’t so bad… wasn’t as sensitive as I thought it would be. Doc told me it was due to the high quality tools used and of course his gentle skills. ūüėõ

Checkout my experience and hear what Dr Nazli sounds like.

The before and after shots really helped in making take into account the areas I really needed to focus more brushing on. And of course, floss floss floss! The pictures can also be either emailed or given to patients in CD. Now that’s a well thought out service right there.

Read more about the BP Dental service HERE at their website. Dental is available now in SC Ipoh, SC Glenmarie and SC Klang For more information or to make appointment, please contact us at: Tel : 1-800-88-7171        Email :

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