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Eucerin Let’s Talk Skin Science

Eucerin Let’s Talk Skin Science

Skin in such an important thing for a girl. I never had the best cleaning regimes for my face till much recently. Of late my skin has been having an acne problem, which isn’t very major but major enough for me to stare at my face in the mirror and say “Man oh man oh man.. my skin has seen better days.” So when Salina & Associates PR invited me to the Eucerin workshop stating that it will help me with my skin situation, I was ecstatic.

The talk began with Dr. Siddique who shared his experiences growing up with bad acne problems. We all can relate to it when we see a horrendous bump on any part of face or body. It’s the one thing we dread when we have a special occasion to head out for, like a wedding or a date or in my case going in front of the camera at times. Thank God for makeup and concealers – although I personally prefer not wearing foundation on a daily basis. Best solution, just have naturally good skin to begin with.


Dr Siddique giving his presentation about acne, how it happens, causes and prevention. Behind him you’ll see the Eucerin skin analysis machine.

One thing Dr Siddique  said which is think we should all keep in mind is that using a new regime or any regime for our skin takes TIME! Emphasis on the word “time” and now emphasis on the part that it requires “patience”! I know we all wish for our zit to magically disappear but it will take a period to heal. At least a minium of 4-10 weeks, which I think is fair, cause we all have different types of skin and it varies how effective the regime will be for each individual.


I’ve used Eucerin before but never the full range. Thanks to Eucerin and Salina PR, I was given the entire acne range to improve my face. Consisting of the cleanser,the scrub, toner, active treatment gel, day moisturizer, night care and the blemish stick.

The “miracle” I need for a month, to enhance my skin

I did the skin analysis with the machine, which i was dreading cause I had a bad feeling that i wouldn’t like the results. Especially since I’ve been getting these horrible pimples that you can’t see all that much but I know it’s there. It’s hidden and if I look real close in the mirror I know it has clotted to become a terrible bruise.. yuck! Anyway did the “skin-denial test” and to my total surprise my skin rated pretty good!


The grade of my pores is A. The bigger the white spots that means it is very open. But thankfully mine show it’s reasonably small at some areas. Happy!

The longer the lines are , it means you have a better result. So thankfully mine were pretty long and reaching the edges of the pie chart for the pores and sebum section.

There will  be roadshow happening in the coming days and I will be there too. You can also test other aspects of your skin, such as pigmentation, skin tone, elasticity, you get the idea. I’ll most likely spend a good few minutes getting my skin tested during the roadshow.


Dr Sideek, Natasha Seatter, yours truly and Michelle Lee

I’ll be using the range for a month and i’ll keep you updated on whether it’s improved my skin. But i have been using it for the past few days since August 1st and I can testify that I do see a difference. It could be just in my thought lol, trying not to jump the gun, i’ll be patient and monitor it properly. Till the next update!


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