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DIY Smartphone Workout Armband

DIY Smartphone Workout Armband

I was never a runner.. like a long distance runner and I never liked running out doors. I was perhaps a person that would give a burst of energy and speed up at moment.. what’s that called. Ah yes a sprinter! So when I hear of people going long distance or even for marathons, i’m in true awe. Cause it takes such discipline for that duration you are out there pounding away on the road. That’s why when I started doing running, it was more of interval running (i believe very much you burn more, for my body anyways) and i preferred running on the treadmill.

However sometimes I don’t always have the luxury to go to an aircon gym where they have those fancy treadmills and mine is starting to get really old at home.  So… i forced myself to quit whining, get out of my comfort zone and go run it outside. Completely different feeling I tell you running outdoors, but before doing that I downloaded something on my Samsung Galaxy S4 or rather 2 things.

1.Zombies Run 5k!

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.13.41 PM

2. Zombies Run! 

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.14.28 PM

Now here’s another thing. I’m kinda cheap at time..sorry i meant to say when I want to do something that requires me to buy something I usually try to find a cheap or free alternative. Buying the zombie apps don’t count, I need them! Having to run with your phone can be a hassle especially when I wear tight fighting workout clothes which have no pockets and I don’t have those sporty armbands. But I do have a google and a brain! 🙂

This was how I got my armband without costing a cent. I think this is pure genius.


 It just saved myself about RM100+ by using a forearm sleeve. You can do the same too by just using an old sock. Just cut up the old end and fold it back towards the top. Just make sure it’s not a loose sock and it’s reasonably snug. See my Samsung S4 fits there perfectly and since it’s so slim and light, I don’t feel the weight of it on my arm. This is great cause then I can monitor my progress while running outdoors. Plus, i’ve found that running outdoors with earphones plugged in is not exactly the smartest thing to do. So thank goodness that the S4 has super loud speakers. I just let it play outloud for the entire neighbourhood to hear. Lol. I’m not disturbing the peace I promise.

I originally got this idea from Cnet, so here ya go.. the video tutorial for how to make a DIY Sports phone armband.

Give it a try and hopefully it’ll make your running sessions a lot more convenient.

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