Hosting ChurpOut 2013 - Linora Low
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Hosting ChurpOut 2013

Hosting ChurpOut 2013

The Street Fair with A Cause is Back ~~~~~~

It’s always a fun time hosting for ChurpChurp and to do it last year was a blast. So to be able to do it for a second time round, is always a pleasure. This time the fun filled all day event was held at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. I know super super far away from the city but the set up was worth it. With a lavish green field that is perfect to host this big event.

And of course decked in the comfiest of gears, Adidas pink top – cause it is breast cancer awareness month, my favourite Adidas leggings to not get bitten, my fav Adidas hi-tops and of course the funkiest cap. Yeah… I’m a 3 stripes addict and proud of it 🙂

Here’s what ChurpOut2013 looked like and keep your eye on that machine right in front of all the tents. That is called “The Elevator” aka the Reverse Bungee machine. I’ve got a story about that later! Quite the big eh? Picture courtesy of @churp2 One of the partners for the event was KyoChon 1991 and they make some fabulous chicken!!! It was the first time they revealed themselves to our Malaysian soil and trust me as food lovers, we were not dissapointed. They will be opening up soon come November. Meantime go and check them out here and here

Kenji Chai a graffiti artist from Sabah was hear to do some crazy artwork, in conjunction with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie.

He also graffitised a dress that was a replica to Katniss Everdeen’s dress in the movie. Gilbert Ng did the final touches.

Here’s what it looked like!

This is me having a spray paint fight with Kenji Chai!

Ahhh ok remember what I said about “The Elevator”?? This is what happened.. The other ChurpChurp Alphas – myself included – were dared to go up on the ChurpBungee and get flung into the sky. Now please please.. I’m not an adrenaline junky… never was. In fact I take pride that I haven’t been on a rollercoster before. I can’t handle that gravity peak and then that sudden drop where your heart is left at top. gahhhhhh. These were the Alphas who were dared.

(L-R) Dan Khoo, Aida Sue, Dennis Yin, Jeremy Teo, Myself, Chelsia Ng, Redmummy and Reuben Kang, Yes we all felt the pain and heart attack of the G-Drop (that’s what I’m calling it)

To really give you a feel, here’s what happened to me!

Big thanks to my girl, Chelsia Ng for.. encouraging the crowd to put me in that harness and then proceeded to take the video of me screaming my lungs out. To end it all I had to take one posey shot…

There we go that’s the money shot, me looking super graceful. NOT! I was anything but. It was more of being like a ragged doll thrown up and down by a naughty kid. Still great experience!

A performance by Cheer Aces who are heading to Korea to compete later this year in November! Do show some support and find them here.

It was a crazy crazy day. And it would not have been possible without the hardwork from these churpies. Darren the man who followed me all over place, big thanks buddy. I couldn’t take a pic with everyone 🙁 I’m sorry, I wish I could.

Finally to end the day I had to do a headstand to mark my location. You know on Google they have pin drops.. well I’m trying out headstands. 🙂 Big thanks again to ChurpChurp for having me to host the event. Do checkout the hashtags on instagram and hope to see more great people next year!

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