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S-Health Is A Fab Health Monitor

S-Health Is A Fab Health Monitor

Last year when the S4 came out, with it was the launch of an application i was pretty excited about… the S-Health feature.

Since the Galaxy Note 3 launched along with the Galaxy Gear, the S-Health needed and update whereby you could sync with the Gear. For those who don’t have it no matter, S-Health is still a very handy feature.

I love how it monitors your physical activities for the day. I find that when I see a number like distance, it makes me  push more.

I’ve always been a big fan of tracking food and exercise when it comes to reaching a fitness or weight loss goal.  It was what worked for me all those years ago – I had a record of what I’d done in the weeks where I felt particularly good or saw some great progress, and if things weren’t going so well I had a record of what I’d done so I could look back over it and figure out perhaps where I was going wrong.

It has detailed stats about your food calorie intake.

I’ve enjoyed the food tracker aspect of the app. I don’t tend to count calories or track my progress regularly these days but on the occasions that I have, just to keep myself in check, it’s always been a bit of an eye opener.  Particularly when it comes to food consumption, it’s amazing how quickly it all adds up!  It does me no harm to either a) be reassured I’m on the right track or b) reinforce the need to be a bit more mindful…..most of the time I’m somewhere in between!

I adore how you can take pictures of your food, it gives you a clearer picture of what you’re putting inside your tum!

I’ll freely admit I didn’t pay close attention to the calories that S Health tracked on my behalf but I enjoyed using it as a visual food diary. If I ever wanted to keep track of how many calories I was consuming it would be incredibly useful. The database it pulls information from is quite extensive but you also have the option of adding your own food items and their values as well. It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned through exercise that day and adjusts your calorie allowance accordingly. Saves you having to figure it out!

Checkout the app, it’ll definitely be a big hit for you if you want to get healthier or just monitor your lifestyle.

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