My DRx Clinic First Consultation - Linora Low
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My DRx Clinic First Consultation

My DRx Clinic First Consultation

I’ve been battling skin issues for sometime now and I lately my skin has been having a mind of it’s own. Let me share my own assessment of my skin. My biggest concern, recently I’ve been getting acne, that can’t seem to pop or disappear. Instead it just sits underneath my skin, becomes a bit hard and clumps there till it becomes almost like a bruise – especially when i get naughty and pinch it. Furthermore my pores seem enlarged and I seem to be getting pigmentations on my cheeks. 🙁
So when I was first introduced to DRx Clinic, I was very grateful, because I needed a skin doctor that I could trust and have the security that they know what they are talking about. I’ve heard good reviews about the place and I was really excited to get a consultation from them.


Last week, I went for my first consultation with Dr Jason Yip. Was advised not to go with any make up as the doctor has to examine the real skin conditions. I’ve been to facials, even tried acne medication but never to an Aesthetic Physician. It felt more like a spa center, not your typical doc-checkup kind place. Very clean, modern and sleek in design, which left me in a comfortable state.

The Drx Clinic has a counter where you register, and then a waiting area for you to see your doc, and a ‘pharmacy’ counter where you collect your prescribed Derma-Rx products.

The steps of the first consultation at DRx Clinic go like this:

1) Register – fill in a very simple form about your particulars.

2) See a doc – Doc examines your condition and advises which Derma-Rx products to include in your regime.

3) Consultant thoroughly explains the products prescribed for you and how to use them (this step takes place in another cubicle room).

4) Consultant brings you to another room to take photos of your skin. The photos are PNC and purely for reference

5) Wait to collect your products at pharmacy and make payment.

Dr Jason Yip was my doctor. A sweet, knowledgable man who made me feel comfortable during my consultation. You can find out more about Dr Yip here.

My consultation was very quick, first with doc asking me in detail about my skin regime, what I’ve used before, if I had used any medication and what were my concerns, along with his own assessment of my skin when I first stepped into the room. That concludes my first visit to DRx Clinic! My next consultation is one month later in January, where Dr. Yip will evaluate how well the products are working for me and will see if any tweaking is required of my regime.  The combination of products prescribed to each patient is customised to their skin condition. Also worth pointing out that all their products have been at their own lab. Hence it is truly best to use all their products and not use any other external brand.

My DRx Products

The combination of products prescribed to each patient is customised to his/her skin conditions, so it yields the best results. I had to apply my products in the following sequence, but it may be different for different people. What I got are: (Click to enlarge) Derma-Rx products work seamlessly in a 3-step system of Priming, Remedying, and Protecting your skin.

Looking forward to see whats the next step of my treatment.

Milk cleanser + Foaming cleanser + Toner. I start of with a double cleansing process using first the milk cleanser, which can also be used to remove light make up residue. Next step is the foaming cleanser contains Marine Algae extracts for lifting surface lipids. soothing and refreshing skin, while the toner is an alcohol-free liquid that contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acid for double cleansing. Lather the foaming cleanser with both palms to create a smooth foam. Pour toner onto cotton pad and wipe face.


Comedone Formula  The Comedone Formula is one of the popular products from DRx as it dissolves away comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), and also reduces the appearance of new comedones.  Apply only a thin layer to the T-zone or areas that break out easily. Do not rub.
Max-C Max-C, synonymous to its name, contains the maximum possible stable concentration of Vitamin C to counter free radicals that we encounter daily. It also encourages the production of collagen and elastin to maintain tautness and firmness of skin. Apply a thin layer over the whole face. Do not rub.

Hydrator Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea extract to lightly moisturise and prevent collagen from breaking down. I was advised to use this only if my skin feels really dehydrated, otherwise I could skip it. Apply a thin layer over dry areas like cheeks. Do not rub.

Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30+ ( The first tinted sunscreen that I’ve tried. Tinted sunscreens are also the lightest when compared to BB creams or foundation but better than a non-tinted sunscreen in terms of coverage. Apply a thin layer over whole face.
For more information, please visit their Website and Facebook Page!
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