Samsung Galaxy Life took me Flying! - Linora Low
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Samsung Galaxy Life took me Flying!

Samsung Galaxy Life took me Flying!

Am the kinda person that loves a good bargain so I was pretty impressed when I was introduced to this new Samsung application called Galaxy Life. It’s pretty cool as this app will cater to your lifestyle and it’ll show you of some exclusive premium bargains ranging from food, entertainment, applications, fashion and .. just check it out you’ll see why it’s handy. Here’s the link

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 6.16.59 PM

Then I came across this interesting adventure that allows me to fly! Well sorta, it’s a flight program brought to you by Manzi Air. Their flight program allows you to fly about 1,500 feet up in the air on this micro light paramotor glider. Imagine like a motorized tricycle with wings. It’s the safest way to fly cause even if the engines die (God-willing it doesn’t) the glider will still keep you up in the air. Neat huh. They’re having a great promo now where its only RM295 for 2 people!

The location is all the way at Sepang GoldCoast. I admit I got lost getting to the place but if you’re using Waze just type in “Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa” and it’ll lead you straight there.

Upon getting there, my brother was the first to go up in the air with Captain Qazi who told us he’s been flying for a good 15 years, but this flight program has only been around for 2 years in Malaysia. The flight lasted for about 10 minutes, then it was my turn to fly. While we were up in the air Captain Qazi did some random flying turns and what not.. i swear while i was screaming my saliva was running to the side of my mouth lol.

Checkout that view!

Whhheeeoooooooooo I Don’t wanna fallllllllllll

Captain fly with both hands!!


Check out that Palm Tree!

Here’s the bunch of us, my bro, Samuel and Eileen taking a shot with Captain Qazi before making our journey back to KL.


Thanks to Manoah and Samsung for setting this little adventure for me and my brother. It was a blast 🙂 

I highly recommend anyone to download the Samsung Galaxy Life App as you just never know what other cool premium bargains you may find there.

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