Getting Loud with Boombot REX - Linora Low
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Getting Loud with Boombot REX

Getting Loud with Boombot REX

Pals from sent me a superbly cool gadget. I honestly didn’t know what the Boombot was all about till i tried using it for myself. We are on the move a lot and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of music to the background. Like I must have music when I workout, but sometimes my little phone or my ipad isn’t loud enough. Till i met the Boombot Rex.

They come in a variety of colours and designs. The even have limited editions just like this one, called the Boombot Rex Tigerwood.

The Boombot Rex Tigerwood

In not too many words here  are some of the reasons why I think this ultraportable speaker is worth checking out:

  • Light weight
  • Water Resistent
  • Bluetooth / Wireless Control
  • You can also use it like a humongous phone bluetooth
  • Easy to charge, no need for batteries
  • Superbly loud
  • Awesome Bass
  • Reasonably priced

Here’s how the little fella works.

Connecting the Boombot Rex speakers to your smartphone, ipad, laptop is fairly easy. Just turn on  the Boombot speaker and make sure your bluetooth is switched on on your device. It’ll ask you to pair it with your Boombot and that’s it, your devices are connected and you can enjoy loud music.

This is how loud it got when I was using it to  feed me music during a workout.

The other thing I didn’t get to show in the video is the ability to use your Boombot as a bluetooth which you can speak to it too.

What’s inside the box and the Boombot Rex LTD Series up close

Great especially when you are driving in the car… of course the only con is that your conversation won’t be private if you have company in the car. But overall I think this is a pretty neat gadget. Check it out if you can at 🙂   

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