#2 FitSpur Podcast - Fitness Myths Debunked - Linora Low
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#2 FitSpur Podcast – Fitness Myths Debunked

#2 FitSpur Podcast – Fitness Myths Debunked

Yay 2nd Podcast is out! Thanks for watching if you are.

This time Ben from TrainASP and I touched on telling the truth about 4 Fitness Myths which are:
1. Lots of Ab Exercises will get you a six pack
2. Cardio is a great way to lose fat
3. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. 
4. Stretching Before Workout Can Prevent Injuries Taking them into more detail


1. Lots of Ab Exercises will get you a six pack

Let’s get something straight, one is never going to have a six pack, if one doesn’t watch their food intake. You may get a very strong core by doing lots of ab exercises, but your abs will not decide to come out and say hi, if the nutrition is just poor. In short Abs are made in the kitchen!Picture2

2. Cardio is a great way to lose fat

Cardio is a good way to lose weight but not really a good means to burn off fat. Cardio will only help reduce weight lost for bout 6 weeks, by then a person will reach a plateau. To burn fat effectively add weight training into your routine. Cardio doesn’t allow you to build as much muscle as weight training. Take note:  1lb of muscle = burns 70 calories Moldiv_1405439497505 Now thats what you want, so that even at rest you are still burning more than usual. In my opinion, cardio great for your heart, but to really burn fat, you gotta pick up those weights.

3. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. 

Sweating is not necessarily an indicator of exertion. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself. This is kinda subjective. But for my lady friends, just cause you’re not sweating doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not working hard enough. This thought process comes a lot especially from my female friends who weight train from time to time and prefer doing cardio or circuits a lot more, because they can see sweat produced a lot more. First understand sweating is the body’s way of cooling down your temperature when you’re all hot from an activity and of course you’re going to sweat more if you’re doing continuous activity for a good period of 40minutes (e.g cardio or aerobic exercise). Now compare this when you weight train, you’re taking a longer rest in between sets, sometimes you may end up talking and that will lengthen the rest time, causing you not to sweat as much. Plus gym these days are friggin igloos, the aircond would have already cooled you down, leading to less sweat production.  However if say you’re doing training which involves high volume and lower weights with little rest (emphasis on little rest!), you will sweat more.  Compared to lifting heavier weights with lower reps and longer breaks.  Personally I break a sweat the minute i start of with big movements like deadlifts (my fav!) and squats. Those will get your heart racing pronto! Moldiv_1404734673828

4. Stretching Before Workout Can Prevent Injuries

Stretching is good but it depends on the kind of stretching. it’s better to be doing dynamic stretches before a workout. Cause static stretches, which you hold a position for 15 seconds or so, draws blood away from the muscle. What we want is for the blood to flow to the muscle. why? More blood flow means more energy and oxygen to the areas you are working, which will lead to the muscle fibers and connective tissues gaining more flexibility and range of motion. (WIN!) Example of dynamic stretching are:  high knees, butt kickers, side kicks, skipping, arm circles, pvc pipe movements, scap pulls. 



Here are a few reasons on why stretching before a workout could be more harmful.


A review of the basic scientific literature suggested five reasons why stretching before exercise would not prevent injuries:

 **sited from bodybuilding.com

  • First: Immobilization, or “heating-induced increases in muscle compliance”, caused tissues to rupture more easily.

  • Second: Stretching before exercise would have no effect for activities in which excessive muscle length is not an issue (e.g., jogging).

  • Third: Stretching won’t affect muscle compliance during eccentric activity (where the muscle is contracting, and an external force is trying to lengthen the muscle: negative reps), when most strains are believed to occur.

  • Fourth: Stretching can produce damage at the cytoskeleton level. The cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure which maintains cell shape, often protects cells, enables cellular motion, and plays important roles in both intracellular transport and cellular division.

  • Fifth: Stretching appears to mask muscle pain in humans.

In conclusion, dynamic stretching as part as your warm up is essential and much better than just static stretches before a workout. Post workout stretch on the specific parts that have been worked out a lot. Hope this post helped you and thanks once again to Ben from Australian Strength Performance for bringing out the truth on these myths.1396892_704139546291386_3315804300615921606_o

Check his gym out at the following links!

http://trainasp.com.au http://www.facebook.com/australianstrengthperformance http://instagram.com/trainasp http://youtube.com/trainasp

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