Earn Your Armour KL #1 - Linora Low
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Earn Your Armour KL #1

Earn Your Armour KL #1

Earn Your Armour has finally started in Malaysia! I’ve been waiting for this ever since the launch at Midvalley Megamall. The first event where people gathered to sweat together on top of a roof was held on the 5th of May 2015. What is so cool, is that you know that all around the world, a community of UA fans are also working out to this challenge.

Looking for a good sweat? Then come join the Earn Your Armour Challenge which is a global fitness challenge for anyone looking to get fit. It features a series of different circuits all created by different trainers from different countries such as Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It happens every two weeks and it is seriously mad fun!

The first session was crazy and it was hosted at Avenue K. The trainer for the Earn Your Armour challenge is my good and super nice friend Jeremy, from PFC Studio. One thing I love about Jeremy’s workout sessions, he makes them fun an interactive with all the participants.

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Don’t forget to join in through the Endomondo App which allows you to track your fitness journey. The more calories you burn (basically just workout for 30mins at least), your chances of winning some Under Armour vouchers are higher!!

This is the Endomondo app and I’m honestly in love with it. For a full review on the app by me, read on here at my Endomondo review!

Earn Your Armour (Malaysia)

Participate in free workout sessions conducted by PFC Studio across the next 6 weeks at the Avenue K Rooftop. Throughout the challenge you will gain encouragement and training tips from Jeremy Ng, founder of Personal Fitness Coach (PFC Studio) who will be with you every step of the way, pushing you to Earn Your Armour.

Personal Fitness Challenge

To complete a minimum of 30 minute of exercise/workout regime on daily basis.

This 30 minutes challenge not only helping you to tone up the muscles and raise your heart rate to get a fat-burning effect, it also pushes you to work harder to achieve your new “personal record” in all exercises.

Most importantly, you save time and it can be performed anywhere!

30 mins Circuit Training (minimum 3 sets)

1 min for each exercise with 15 secs rest in between

1) Squat to Crawl

2) Push Up

3) Burpees

4) Plank

5) Squat Jump

6) Bench Dips

7) Mountain Climber

8) Crunches

Participants are required to sign up at the link below

I sure do hope you can join us and here’s the link to do so. 🙂


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