10 Best Mother's Day Quotes I Love - Linora Low
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10 Best Mother’s Day Quotes I Love

10 Best Mother’s Day Quotes I Love

Today 10th May 2015 is Mother’s Day. I admit, i’m not the best daughter in the world. I’m stubborn, fickleminded, messy and probably I’ll be making a lot more mistakes in my life… Despite all that, the woman I call Mama, will always love me. I came across a bunch of quotes that I’d like to share, but one i want to expand on is You know it doesn’t matter where one goes, how time passes.. we can always be certain in the arms of your Mom, you will always feel love, peace and the sense of home. My Mama, the strongest person I know.. no amount of heavy squats can equal to the power of a Mother’s love. Love you always Mama! By the way if you happen to want to do some fun exercise moves with your mom give this a try 🙂 Mother’s Day Special exercise. Here are two exercise moves you can try for fun with your Mom Nice way to get connected and sweat a little.‪#‎BurnWithLinora‬ ‪#‎UnderArmourMY‬ ‪#‎IWillWhatIWant‬ ‪#‎Pharmafreak‬‪#‎MixBlitz‬

1. Squat to Stretch Stand shoulder width apart ,facing each other, hold your mom’s hands and have them straight out. The go into a squat together, let go of one hand and other you stretch it to the back. Come up and repeat.

2. Dance Lunges Facing your mom like your about to dance, have one leg forward and your mom’s leg will go back. Then sink into a lunge. Go back to standing position and repeat with you lunging back and your mom lunging forward. Repeat as many times as you like

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  • Conway
    Posted at 04:34h, 24 May

    Hey Linora, how nice to see the bond you had with your loving mom’s, is such a wonderful scene of mother and duagther looked a like. Looking back you were a host in the on air frequencies for over quite sometimes. Did and contributing some well being to the scociety with your infectious love influence on air. Keep it coming girl. Your funky mama, she’s a sport and you were the lucky girl. This special day is to remind us, thanks mom for bringing us into this world, the unconditional love you gave were immeasurable, in hoping that of all the children do the same in return. Keeping a night watch over you in the sky.

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