Earn Your Armour Series 1 Finale - Linora Low
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Earn Your Armour Series 1 Finale

Earn Your Armour Series 1 Finale

The Earn Your Armour first series by Under Armour had it’s finale on Tuesday 2nd June 2015. I’ve been to all three sessions in the series and I can humbly say that the finale was brutal! It was a very satisfactory workout session. Great seeing a group of people all sweating it out to burn calories, release stress and hateful toxins in the body. Great therapy 🙂

I’m going to miss these sessions by PFC Studio, big thanks to the trainers especially my good friend Jeremy who hosted the circuit workout sessions.

But it’s just the beginning. The next round of Earn Your Challenge is back on the 9th of June and this time it’ll be session of power yoga by my Under Armour athlete brother Hansen Lee, who boasts crazy abs, a strong core and damn good balance!

Earn Your Armour Malaysia: Challenge 2
Power Yoga with Hansen Lee
Session 1: 6pm to 7pm
Session 2: 7pm to 8pm

Sign Up Here

Meantime take a look at what went down for the finale of Earn Your Armour at Avenue K. i’m going to miss the fun warm up session where you get to interact with a person.. you kinda warm up from laughing.  lol . See you soon!

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