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Love, Bonito Is Now Open in Malaysia

Love, Bonito Is Now Open in Malaysia

Fusion of style, comfort and practicality. That’s how I would see the outfits at Love,Bonito. Recently went to the debut of their first flagship store in Malaysia at Midvalley Megamall. A new stop for shopping!

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Honestly first time i heard of Love,Bonito was through instagram and friends were talking about their online store. I didn’t get the chance to view them till the launch and i’m very impressed with their style and how affordable the dresses were! Good material too.  

Rachel and Viola the ladies behind Love, Bonito

A big congratulations to the girls Rachel and Viola. on their new flagship store! Two lovely ladies, who I must say have very interesting Instagram feeds and you can get a bunch of lookbook ideas from their pictures. Just look at that flawless style. (I aspire to have a look like that.. daily.. haha)

Here’s a snippet of the fashion show.

The event had me meeting up with some of my girlfriends such as Nadia Heng (I just saw her in the morning when she was filling in for the Mix Breakfast Show ^_^), Dasha Logan, Shangkaree, Soo Wincci, Vanessa and Pamela Chong, Chelsia Ng, Hunny Madu, Yasmin Hani, Sazzy Falak and Megan Tan. Since it was the launch of the store everyone was entitled to a discount.. so what are girls to do.. browse and shop!

Photo courtesy of LipStiq

Notice how Thanuja on the left and Carey on the right have their hands in their pockets! Yessshhhh there are pockets!!! Do you know how essential and handy pockets are for a girl. We don’t need to cary handbags or purses then. It frees up our arms. I love pockets on dresses! 

Feet were killing me, thank goodness for the “men’s corner” at Love,Bonito. Dasha Logan, insisted on taking this photo of me smiling with painful feet.

You can visit the store here: 

Love, Bonito flagship store 

1st floor, Lot F-072A/B,    Mid Valley Megamall

A big thank you to Joyce aka KinkyBlueFairy for the invite, who looked amazing as always. You can also check out their post on Love, Bonito.    Here’s to end a fab event. A big silly group shot courtesy of @JoyceTheFairy

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