Iron Man Galaxy S6 is Here! - Linora Low
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Iron Man Galaxy S6 is Here!

Iron Man Galaxy S6 is Here!

This phone is too too hot!

I don’t need it.. I just want to own it! Don’t deny, you have the same sentiments as me 😛

But I’ve feeling, if I did own it, i’ll probably have it kept somewhere safe in a glass box because it is just too pretty to be used on a daily basis and just toooooo expensive. It is literally a price Tony Stark would pay, RM10,999!

You can read more about pre-ordering the phone here!

Oh side note there is also an Iron Man Iphone 6… So which would you want?

Another side note, I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a while and I’m truly impressed by the phone, for it’s camera, it’s long lasting battery life, the sleek feel and did I mention upon getting the S6 you are entitled to apps that will instantly give you premium features, such as endomondo and magisto. Pretty cool!

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