Huios Challenge Vlog 1 - Linora Low
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Huios Challenge Vlog 1

Huios Challenge Vlog 1

For the next 3 months, I will be eating nothing but food prepared by Huios Meal Prep (Check them out here)

Whole point is to see a physique change at the end. I’ve been taking it easy for a while and i think by the end of this year it’ll be nice to see some actual physique change.

Here’s my body analysis and the full breakdown, ignore the pass results cause i keyed in the wrong height info -_-

Weight: 59.2kg,

Skeletal Muscle Mass : 25kg

Fat Percent 23.8%

Other than Huios i’m packing on the supplements with Pharmafreak – VitaFreak, FlexFreak, GreenFreak and Amino Acids / BCAA. The greens are really important cause i’m getting that as my main source of fibre and i get more nutrients in me.

I’m doing this challenge up against my Under Armour brother Nicholas Mak, so do give us some support as we take on this journey to leaner fitter bodies.

First week and the first look is not too bad 🙂

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