Dragons Lair Ep1 - Dragons vs Hi-Tech Game Preview - Linora Low
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Dragons Lair Ep1 – Dragons vs Hi-Tech Game Preview

Dragons Lair Ep1 – Dragons vs Hi-Tech Game Preview

The premiere of Dragons Lair TV is finally here. The whole show is about getting the latest news and updates on the Westports Malaysia Dragons. What else do you want to know or see bout your favourite team, the players. Comment below and we will get the scoop!

The game will be aired live on RTM 1 and on the Asean Basketball League youtube channel at 8.30pm Malaysian time at Maba Stadium. Tickets can still be bought on that day.

Finally our first ever Game Preview video is out regarding one of the teams from the Asean Basketball League. Ben and I have been talking about creating a show like this for the longest time.. like 2 seasons ago! A little bit on behind the scene. The planning stages for this show were impromptu and a bit rushed, but considering the time frame we had it’s a good test run, in my humble opinion.

We got the interviews, footage and the video editing all done within a span of one day or less. With a lot of “lack” of sleep by Ben and myself. Worth it, i think so.. i hope so. It was a lot of making this and I definitely would like to look at more. I do know it’s rough around the edges but the sport, production and entertainment is something we both enjoy. Hope you guys found it alright and please do give feedback and on what else you would like to see from us, the players and even the questions. 🙂

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