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Staying at TS Suites, Bali

Staying at TS Suites, Bali

A break is always nice after a busy time from work. Took a trip to Bali for 4 days and 3 nights.. honestly not long enough for me, a whole week would’ve been ideal.

My short stay was at 5 star hotel called TS Suites Bali. Of late whenever i search for a hotel, I require 3 must haves. A gym, A bath tub and WiFi. I’m such an internet junkie. The gym won me over plus the infinity pool. The images on the internet were very impressive and all I could consider were how awesome shots would be when I get there. LOL.

The hotel is located not too far off from Legian road and about a 15minute walk from the beach.

Upon arrival of the hotel, I was greeted with smiling staff and I was impressed with the girl at the reception. After taking my deposit, and giving my room keys she then offered to show me to my room and give me a tour of the hotel. How often do you get the receptionist saying “I’ll show you to your room and give you a tour of the hotel.”

My room was beautiful, with a bathtub right smack in between the open concept bathroom and the bedroom. TV was within my view if i wanted to have a bubble bath. The room had a complimentary mini bar too!!! Free food


The breakfast buffet was delightful with a broad spread of fusion food, naturally while on holiday i packed on the pastries… droooolllll!

The gym

Like i said this won me over. The gym is spacious, clean and with sufficient weights and cardio machines. As you hit it up on the elliptical machine or the threadmill, you look out at the infinity pool, which is calming.

Summary of the Hotel
If you’re looking for a hotel, where you have a good amount of amenities, away from the busy city, comfortable and close to food, I’d recommend TS Suites. The service was good, the staff were very friendly and while it may be expensive, the normal rates are around RM500++, I managed to find some good deals via I definitely wanna make a trip again to this hotel in Bali.

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