My Journey to Compete Begins! - Linora Low
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My Journey to Compete Begins!

My Journey to Compete Begins!

I Wanna take part in a Bikini Competition!

This is something I considered doing two years back, but never got to it because i wasn’t mentally prepared nor ready to commit to it. I did say it to a few people but then it just became all talk and no action.

Hence this time, I decided to truly make it official and as promise I need to fulfil to myself, that I am going to compete next year in 2017 for my first bikini competition.

The thought of it scared me then and it scares me now. I’m not scared of the effort in training and discipline in eating…i’m more paranoid that I will not see the changes I want to see. mostly because i’ve been training by myself for about 5 years now, and when i say training it’s more for general well being. I never trained to compete in something and maybe thats why, i just look the way i look.. average.

The chubby lil girl in me says i need to get there.

Yeah you can say it’s to conquer body image issues I’ve had since young. but I think i’m at a point in my life I need a challenge that I can overcome. As a person who respects any athlete… I also consider myself an athlete in my own right.

Taking on this Bikini competition, will be my testimony to show that anything is possible, when one is willing to put in the hustle. The determination, the dedication and the discipline. Being seen as a fitness public figure also has it’s pressures, but honestly if what I do to make myself a better person can inspire others, then that is something i’m willing to work hard for.

I am a working person who happens to be in the entertainment industry. As a radio announcer and an public emcee, I have a job that can be demanding, I need to be in the public eye on occasions, I need to be presentable (which takes time) and I want to enjoy life, eat all kinds of food, spend time with my family, my boyfriend and friends… combine that with training and prepping meals. I really need to find the balance. i know it’s possible. Sure it will be hard but, where there is a will there is a way.

Thank you if you did read this post and watched the video. Do follow my journey and I hope it can inspire you in your fitness goals. Gambate to us both 🙂

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