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Update Body Fat% Dropped!

Update Body Fat% Dropped!

Two weeks since I made the announcement on getting serious for a bikini competition I want to try for next year. I meant to put this update sooner but life happened, i got busy and i just didn’t have the time to shot and edit a video.

The competition date I found out is in late March which is under Nabba-WFF. So i have about 5 months left or less to be ready by then. I’m still trying to find a date which is suitable for when i can update stuff on my website and on my vlog series. I think Sunday is a good day or perhaps Monday.

As I write this now, I’m actually tired cause i was up till 3am on Sunday just to edit the video and I had to wake up early for work at radio. Thank goodness my trainer told me ok, have a day off this week I didn’t train properly.. I only had 1 proper hard legs weight training session and the rest was mostly light cardio. Which is a blessing in disguise which means, my body is taking a lil break before getting bashed next week!

Anyhoooooo, here’s a the breakdown of whats been happening with my prep for the past two weeks.

1. Update for the past two weeks since i posted that I wanted to do a bikini competition.
2. lets talk about my body fat percentage since that day. bio print is a mtheod which will calculate your fat percentage in your body base on particular areas like your chin, cheek, pec, tri, bic, tummy, back and hams, calves and knee, quads.. it’s very indepth.. It’s done by pinching with a caliper and you can learn a lot about your body through the bioprint.. which i’ll explain next time.
Lass i mentioned i was 17.% on the 23 of september and just got pinched on friday 14 october and i’m down to 16/2% very happy especailyl cause my sub scap is down to 10.4%… my trainer told me once i get down to 9% i will be entitled to carbs every 3 days.. haha

3. Weight also drop to 57.3 kg from 57.6. i’m not so bothered by that because i’ve also gone up in lean mass. from 47.8 kg to 48kg. All these calculations matter!

4. lets talk about training. it’s been tough, where its’ still 2 leg days and 1 upper body day with my axiom trainer. but the difference is that I’ve added some cardio to the routine. In the two weeks i’ve added brisk walking , sprinting, light jog 2 times a week this week i did 3 times a week. I hate cardio and i can’t last very long jogging, but since starting wearing sweats to jog at night or morning for just 30-40minutes my endurance is better. Its getting easier to jog for a longer period, which i’m really proud of btw. a bit hard for this week, i usually train aroun 4pm on weekdays and then morning or afternoon on sat. since I’m filling in to the drive period so my training time has changed to the morning, which i’m not crazy about cause i have the most energy in the afternoon and my body is awake. plus my main trainer is on an awesome tokyo holiday, which he deserves and the master trainer keng needs to fit me in to his timing. Do able but just the routine has changed.. which personally i never like.

5. Food has been consistent, i’m still on a 1400 macro count.high fat, medium protein and low carb, and trying to make sure that I also key in the amount of water on my fitnesspal. my cheat meal is still only 1 meal and thats how it should be. before having the cheatmeal, i ensure I have taken a good amount of fishoil. i froget how much exactly but i took like 6 big fat capsules. Cheat meal on Saturday was nearly a whole regular meat pizza to myself with 3 chicken drummets, pringle sour cream chips and french fries and one donut… yes i was very happy. i’m not having a cheatmeal this week cause i’m saving it for my birthday which is 17th October! I’m gonna eat big!!!

6. Sleep hasn’t been so great for the past few weeks, i’m still terribly undiscipline in turning off the phone or computer at night.

7. Lifestyle still busy, i had some events to attend in between but I still hold priority to training, work and prepping my food. not entriely easy cause when a girl gets ready for an event you have to factor in make up time, hair time, dressup time, jam time and then whether you cna move in the friggin dress.. By the way it’s more complicated if yo’re coming from the gym for me because i tend to sweat a lot which will mkae my hair flat.. annoyinggg..

8. Supplements, in the morning i’m taking my multivits from amway suppose to be taking it three times a day but i’m onyl at once.. shit.., milk thistle in the morning for my liver, 1 vit c. i’msuper close to finishing my Amino freak which i take 3 pre workout, during workout and post workout. At night i’m taking bout 6 caps of magnesium from trilogy and i only take my Pharmafreak protein powder when i’m in need of a protein dessert or when im lacking in my daily protein.

SO yeah thats it for the past two weeks. I’ll update again on my journey soon. i’m still trying to figure out which day i should make it too.. and SUnday sounds like a good update time.. but I may put up a random one Wednesday talking about other things like the meal prep and more in depth on the training.

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