Why I Didn't Keep My Promise - Linora Low
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Why I Didn’t Keep My Promise

Why I Didn’t Keep My Promise

I’m sorry. I haven’t been consistent with my Vlog journey. My last video was last year like just after my birthday. Life happens and there were a few complications which i wasn’t sure if i wanted to share.

2017 Changes
First I’m happy to say, that i’m now under the tutelage of Benjamin Siong, the founder and a beast of a coach from Australian Strength Performance.

He’s one of the best coaches in Australia and he’s helped a number of clients get ready for the stage and win in their respective competitions. Which is what I really really need, a coach, who has the experience, cause coaching someone is very personal, you’re almost like a doctor.. a doctor who sculpts.. oh wait thats a plastic surgeon.. you get what i mean.
I need a coach who is as serious about getting me ready for my comp as I am and understands how the body and mind changes throughout the journey. In fact I was panicking, cause i wasn’t sure if Ben could and would take me under his wing. Ben himself has been on the stage while working (which by the way is mental)! but we’ll talk about Ben in another video.

Meantime check his instagram, link is below.
Ben Siong

Australian Strength Performance

Home Page

Follow my journey to the stage as a bikini competitor
Please watch: “Week 1 Hectic Start to 2017”

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