Week 4 - First Cheatmeal of 2017 - Linora Low
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Week 4 – First Cheatmeal of 2017

Week 4 – First Cheatmeal of 2017

Week 4, it’s the week of the Chinese New Year Weekend. The holidays just don’t stop here in Malaysia. Which means there will be lots of temptations. i’ve been a good girls it’s been 27 days and I’ve been clean, but coach Ben finally allowed me a cheatmeal for the holidays! Totally savoured every bit of the treat i had before me.

i apologise that it’s a rather lengthy video and it became such a girly one… but sorry not sorry lol.

By the way at the end of the video, I’m giving away 2 tubs of Pharmafreak Vegan Freak Protein. To win a tub for yourself just comment below by completing this line.

“Hi Linora, I would like a tub Pharmafreak Vegan Freak Protein because…… and my favourite workout is………”

Good luck and give me your best line. I’ll pick a winner and announce it in my following Vlog next Monday! 🙂

Thanks again for following my journey.

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